Wood Floor School

Provides A Unique Learning Opportunity & Technical Training Training founded on the principal of real world applications of wood flooring and provide the latest innovative techniques, information and products currently available to the Industry. Learn how the best in the business do it and improve your skills and profit.

OUR SLIDE SHOW starts with the product on the job site in order to "ACCLIMATE" to the environment.
The wood floor professional prepares the floor product for installation.
Wood is located into the area to be worked then racked and installed.
The result is a highly professional, beautiful, life time floor for the customer, AND a great source of "REFERRALS" for you.

The finished product is a "Hand Scraped", floor!

Wood floor school, woodflooring installation real world applications for teaching wood flooring classes with the latest innovative products, techniques and information, how to make Inlays from scrap wood, maximizing profit on jobs and Customer Relations woodflooringschools.

Wood flooring schools provide an understanding and use of Exotics, Custom Layouts, Wood / Brass Bending, Medallion & Border Inlays Latest innovation in Finish, Adhesive, Sandpaper and Equipment.

Don wrote the book "HARDWOOD FLOORS" and the two accompanying video tapes/DVDs (“Laying Hardwood Floors”) & (“Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors”) published by "Taunton Press and Fine Homebuilding Magazine" perceived by many throughout the wood flooring industry as the definitive text for the last 20 years on the installation, sanding and finishing of wood flooring.   The book HARDWOOD FLOORS can be found in nearly all public libraries throughout North America.  


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Types of training available in  wood floor schools
Basic:  Job site evaluation, Moisture testing, Layout procedure, Safety, principals of Installation, sanding and finishing . You are required to have a working knowledge and use of Measuring tapes, circular saws and chop saws.

Specify/Marketing: Understanding exotic species to include specifications, types, benefits of exotics over domestics, how to sale exotics and Inlays, Customer Relations, national marketing data on exotics to include history and futures, Inlay applications, Internet and local Marketing to include sales and specifying Inlays, where to buy the best products, fundamental installation procedures for wood flooring and Inlays.

Custom Installation: Wood and Brass bending, detailed Inlay installation and application, How to market and sell Exotics and Inlay‘s, Internet sales, Moisture and Wood, Custom Sanding & Finishing techniques, Custom Layouts and Installation. How to make Inlays from scrap wood, maximizing profit on jobs and Customer Relations.  

Custom designed classes: This is for an individual or a specific company focused on what that person or company needs to learn on particular skills and knowledge. We fold into the training some of the primary objectives that you or the company wishes to get across to their employees. For example, if you already know about pre-finished installation then you may want to focus on unfinished. Maybe your skills are sufficient but you need to learn how to sell and market or you may have knowledge about domestic woods and their applications but none on exotic woods. These classes can be modified to various time frames and subject matter from one day to a week hinged on the need. 

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