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Below, we offer the school schedule of the National Wood Flooring Association. This information is provided by a member, who fully believes in a qualified training program for wood flooring training and professionals.  Provides A Unique Learning Opportunity & Technical Training .  Training is founded on the principal of real world applications of wood flooring and provide the latest innovative techniques, information and products currently available to the Industry. Learn how the best in the business do it and improve your skills and profit. Wood flooring schools provide an understanding and use of Exotics, Custom Layouts, Wood / Brass Bending, Medallion & Border Inlays Latest innovation in Finish, Adhesive, Sandpaper and Equipment.
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The following school schedule is provided by HARDWOODFLOORSONLINE.COM For more information on HardwoodFloorsOnline.com READ HERE...

NWFA School

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Associations, Publications, & Industry Relate Sites

American Hardwood Export Council AHEC
Washington, DC
Canadian Lumbermen's Association CLA
27 Goulburn Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1N 8C7
Hardwood Floors - Magazine Of The NWFA
1846 Hoffman St
Madison, WI. 53704
Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association HPVA
PO Box 2789
Reston, VA 20195-0789
703/ 435-2537
International Wood Products Association (IWPA)  
4214 King Street West
Alexandria, Virginia    22302
  tel: 703-820-6696 fax: 703-820-8550 email: info@iwpawood.org
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association MFMA
60 Revere Dr. Suite 500
Northbrook, IL. 6062
National Hardwood Lumber Association NHLA
PO Box 34518
Memphis, TN 38184-0518
901/ 377-1818
National Wood Flooring Association NWFA  &
National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association NOFMA
111 Chesterfield Industrial Bvd.
Chesterfield, MO. 63005
1-800-422-4556 FREE
NWFA School Schedule   VIEW NOW
Southern Pine Inspection Bureau SPIB
4709 Scenic Highway
Pensacola, FL 32504
850 /434-2611
Southern Forest Products Association SFPA
PO Box 641700
Kenner, LA 70064-1700
504/ 443-4464
Timber Products Inspection
PO Box 919
Conyers, GA 30207
770/ 922-8000
West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau WCLIB
Box 23145
Portland, OR 97281
503/ 639-0651
Western Wood Products Association WWPA
522 S.W. Fifth Ave., Suite 500
Portland, OR 97204-2122
503/ 224-3930

Types of training available in wood floor schools

Job site evaluation, Moisture testing, Layout procedure, Safety, principals of Installation, sanding and finishing . You are required to have a working knowledge and use of Measuring tapes, circular saws and chop saws.

Understanding exotic species to include specifications, types, benefits of exotics over domestics, how to sale exotics and Inlays, Customer Relations, national marketing data on exotics to include history and futures, Inlay applications, Internet and local Marketing to include sales and specifying Inlays, where to buy the best products, fundamental installation procedures for wood flooring and Inlays.

Custom Installation:
Wood and Brass bending, detailed Inlay installation and application, How to market and sell Exotics and Inlay‘s, Internet sales, Moisture and Wood, Custom Sanding & Finishing techniques, Custom Layouts and Installation. How to make Inlays from scrap wood, maximizing profit on jobs and Customer Relations.


Custom designed classes:
This is for an individual or a specific company focused on what that person or company needs to learn on particular skills and knowledge. We fold into the training some of the primary objectives that you or the company wishes to get across to their employees. For example, if you already know about pre-finished installation then you may want to focus on unfinished. Maybe your skills are sufficient but you need to learn how to sell and market or you may have knowledge about domestic woods and their applications but none on exotic woods. These classes can be modified to various time frames and subject matter from one day to a week hinged on the need. 

Technical Training Descriptions

NWFA offers workshops and week-long training schools.  View the full 2015 NWFA Technical Education schedule. 

Jobsite Preparation and Testing teaches how to properly manage projects before the installation begins. This workshop covers the jobsite checklist, moisture testing methods, water and wood relationships, structural fundamentals, wood and concrete subfloor preparation and how to properly prepare the jobsite to receive flooring. This workshop includes some hands-on training. One-day class. Credit: 1 CCU. See schedule

Problems, Causes & Cures provides in-depth dissection of common problems, their causes, and how to cure them. Training is based off of the Technical Publication C200. This one-day workshop focuses on many region-specific issues. (Credit: 1 CCU) See schedule

Wood Floor Repairs provides an introduction to advanced-level repair work on finished flooring, including injections, board replacements, factory-finished repairs, color matching, color theory, graining, filling, sheen adjustments and more. This one-day workshop includes hands-on training. (Credit: 1 CCU) See schedule

Finish Application/Color addresses finish problems, causes, and cures, use of the latest finish technologies, UV finishes, oils, waxes, stains, aniline dyes, reactants and customizing color methods on the floor. This one-day workshop includes hands-on training. (Credit: 1 CCU) See schedule

Wood Floor Retail Sales provides an overview of selling wood floors and helping customers make informed flooring decisions. This workshop also covers the responsible parties within the supply chain. The goal of this training program is to decrease wood flooring claims by increasing knowledge and profits. Completion of this one-day course meets the prerequisite to take the Certified Sales Advisor Test. (Credit: 1 CCU) See schedule

Concrete Preparation and Installation is an extensive two-day class which covers concrete moisture testing, concrete as a substrate, grinding methods, self levelers, sealers, primers, wood flooring adhesives, CSP, glue-down installation, floating floor installation, cork installation and much more. This class includes hands-on training. (Credit: 2 CCUs) See schedule

Moisture Testing provides an in-depth view of common moisture related claims and what you need to know in dealing with this elusive problem. Work with the top moisture meter manufacturers and many of their moisture meters. Moisture tests for wood and concrete will be covered. This one-day course gives you the opportunity to see the latest technologies in moisture testing and how these tools are designed to work. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Wood Subfloors and Installation is taught by wood-panel experts from the construction industry. Topics include plywood, OSB, solid board, joist span and panel thickness relationships, types of joist/truss systems, installation of wood subfloors, moisture retarders, wood floor installation, acclimation, and water/wood relationships. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Ornamental Floors is an introduction to discussion and training on use of and installation of ornamental flooring. This workshop covers the history of and assortment of parquet floors within the wood floor industry. Includes small-scale installation of ornamental flooring including borders, parquet patterns and/or medallions. This one-day workshop includes hands-on training. (Credit: 1 CCU) 

Principles of Wood Flooring is a four-day training event that provides a comprehensive entry-level overview of installation and sand & finish of wood flooring. This training is ideal for individuals new to the wood flooring trade or new to selling wood in a retail or manufacturer setting. Topics include wood origins, water and wood relationships, milling practices, jobsite evaluation and preparation, installation methods, sand-and-finish methods, and wood floor maintenance. It includes hands-on training. No prerequisite to attend. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See schedule

Intermediate Installation is a four-day training event that covers a variety of topics and includes gaining hands-on experience at an intermediate level. Sharpen your installation skills, including jobsite evaluation and preparation, installation techniques, safety, flooring repairs, lacing-in/-out, border installation and medallion installation. This training features a hands-on approach to installing unfinished and factory finished solid and engineered wood floors, including thorough training of installation methods for nail-down, glue-down and floating floors. Learn how to incorporate simple design elements to a wood floor. Prerequisite: Minimum of one year installing wood floors OR successful completion of NWFA's Principles of Wood Flooring school. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See schedule

Intermediate Sand & Finish is a four-day training event that provides extensive hands-on training for sanding and finishing wood floors at an intermediate level. Learn how to properly sand various species, correctly use and maintain tools, repair and recoat existing floors, and select finishing techniques that will yield top-quality results. Receive hands-on training for techniques including board replacement, hand-scraping, repairing finish imperfections and recoat/resanding methods for factory finished floors. Learn how to properly flatten a wood floor, minimize scratch patterns and bring the wood to an optimal state for stain and finish application. Prerequisite: Minimum 1 year sand and finishing wood floors OR successful completion of NWFA's Principles of Wood Flooring school. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See schedule

Advanced Installation is a four-day training event designed for experienced wood floor professionals. Learn techniques for installing and developing art with wood floors. Every Advanced level school is different with topics covered. Topics may include installation of parquetry, bending wood, using and incorporating mixed media, designing advanced elements to the floor, using borders and feature in order to define the design, milling material for different effects, end grain flooring installation, cork installation, reclaimed and wide plank flooring, use of factory-finished material within the design element. Prerequisite: Successful completion of NWFA's Intermediate Installation school AND a minimum three years' experience installing wood floors. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See schedule

Advanced Sand & Finish is a four-day training designed for experienced wood flooring professionals. Topics may include sanding custom floors using a variety techniques, mastering scratch patterns, repairs to damaged flooring, and use of colorants, dyes, oils, waxes, bleaches, fuming and more. This class shows some of the higher-level finishing techniques and systems from other industries. Learn scraping techniques and how to use custom elements to existing floors. Prerequisite: Successful completion of NWFA's Intermediate Sand & Finish school AND a minimum three years' experience sanding and finishing wood floors. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See schedule

Master Craftsman topics may include jigs/medallions, extreme makeover of an existing floor, parquetry and marquetry, staircases, non-linear installation, tapered boards, routing, hand scraping, reclaimed and wide-plank installation methods, and expert-level factory-finished installation. This training is taught by some of the industry’s most prestigious instructors, using “out of the ordinary” techniques. Prerequisite: Successful completion of an NWFA Advanced-level school AND a minimum five years' experience working with wood floors. (Credit: 4 CCUs) See Schedule

NWFACP Installation Certification Training offers detailed training on unfinished strip installation, glue down engineered installation, floating floor installation, board replacement, patterned floor/herringbone layout, jobsite preparation, and safety. A mastery of these topics is essential to become an NWFA Certified Installation Professional. Click here to see when this is offered.

NWFACP Sand & Finish Certification Training provides detailed training on sanding process, abrasive sequence, final sanding methods, stain application, sealer application, intercoat abrasion, final coat application, jobsite preparation, and safety. A mastery of these topics is essential topics to become an NWFA Certified Sand & Finish Professional. Click here to see when this is offered.

NWFACP Certification Testing includes one day of hands-on certification testing. On-site proctors will be on hand to observe and certify qualified contractors. Click here to see when this is offered.

Certified Installer provides detailed training on unfinished-strip installation, glue-down engineered flooring, floating flooring installation, board replacement and herringbone layout, jobsite preparation and safety. The goal of this training program is to review the necessary skills to pass the installation certification exam and joint the elite group of NWFA Certified Professionals. Completion of this two-day course meets the prerequisite to take Certified Installer exam. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Certified Sand & Finisher provides detailed training on sanding process, abrasive sequence, final sanding methods, stain and sealer application, inter-coat abrasion, final-coat application, jobsite preparation and safety. The goal of this two-day training course is to review the necessary skills to pass the sand & finish certification exam and join the elite group of NWFA Certified Professionals. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Environmental Effects on Wood Flooring is a comprehensive one-day workshop that explains the water/wood relationships and how environmental conditions affect performance of wood flooring. Gain an understanding of the relationship of temperature and humidity. HVAC industry experts and engineers will also discuss the heating/cooling systems, humidification/dehumidification systems, and their capabilities and limitations. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Science of Wood is a two-day course taught by wood science professors and experts who will discuss the science of wood as a material. Discussions include solid wood, wood species, cuts of wood, engineered flooring, change coefficients, hardness, stability, lab tests and much more. A wood manufacturing facility will host a tour to help students further make the connection of wood science and their work in the wood flooring industry. (Credit: 2 CCUs)

Engineered Flooring is a one-day workshop taught by wood scientists and experts from the plywood industry. Analysis of engineered flooring construction, how different veneers and adhesives within the construction of the product affects performance, peeled-versussliced veneers, moisture testing methods, and common problems and causes with engineered flooring. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Bamboo is a one-day workshop focusing on the biology and construction of bamboo, including a detailed analysis of its construction as a flooring product, hot press-versus-cold press and dimensional stability. Moisture testing of bamboo as well as common problems and their potential causes also will be addressed. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Sand & Finish Problems, Causes, Cures covers common problems and causes of sanding and finishing-related issues, proper inspection procedures and maintenance. Attendees also will dissect specific inspection scenarios as well as how to use labs. Manufacturer chemists assist in this one-day workshop. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Report Writing is a one-day workshop taught by Professor Cathy Duncan, leading expert in technical report writing. Report Writing details the seven steps of writing an effective report. Learn how to develop a report outline, arrange the information, use proper grammar, maintain objectivity and consistency, and properly use photographs to effectively support conclusions. Instructors and attendees will work together to create a supported inspection report that can be used as a sample for writing future reports. (Credit: 1 CCU)

Legal Responsibilities is a one-day workshop taught by an attorney and covering several of the most common topics, including depositions, the role of an expert witness, acting as a consultant, establishing your curriculum vitae, and viewing the written report as a legal document. This will be an interactive course where all students will have the opportunity to work through specific scenarios. (Credit: 1 CCU)

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